Work slated for Historic Fort Officers' Quarters No. 7


The Fort Stockton City Council awarded a bid to Bruce Moore Construction for the repairs and rehabilitation of Officers' Quarters No. 7.

The work on the building will start next week.

The building has been shifting at a rate of a ½-inch every week due to the rains.

“Its completely closed because it's not safe for the public to go in,” said Annie Riggs Memorial Museum Director Melba Montoya.

The building has been closed for the last three years.

The officers quarters are a part of historic Fort Stockton near 5th and Rooney streets.

The original fort consisted of 35 buildings which only four remain today.

The Officers' Quarters No. 7 are seeing the walls shifting due to the rain.

They will need an adobe expert and local contractor to take special care while repairing since the building has a historical marker.

The work they are looking at would include adding gutters to improve drainage and prevent water from accumulating, fix cracks in the exterior walls, level the building and extensive adobe work.

The building has been standing since 1868 and the restoration work would ensure the building stays around for future generations.

The work is estimated to take four to five months with the first step being a study with adobe experts.

Montoya hopes to use the building for an exhibit in the future.

The cost of the project is going to be $165,340, the original estimate was $150,000.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau will be covering the costs.