Women Riders Relay


The Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) U.S. Riders will be passing through Fort Stockton, Texas on their way to Laredo Texas, October 11.

The Global relay, the first of its kind, is a yearlong initiative to highlight and raise awareness about female motorcycle ridership across the world, and how the industry needs to change to support more women who are hitting the road.

The baton is handed off from female rider to female rider, women of all ages, also known as guardians, to complete a single route through the participating countries.

Some women are attempting to ride in as many countries as possible by flying in and renting motorcycles. By the time the baton reaches the US, it will have traveled through more than 52 countries with over 2000 different riders.

The US WRWR riders will be accepting the baton from Canadian riders then across the US to deliver the baton riders in Mexico. From there the baton will continue through Mexico, Central and South America before heading over to South Africa and ending the yearlong route in UAE.

The US Riders are following a route from east to west on an 18‐day journey across the US. Highlights on the Global US route include stops at the Indian Museum in Massachusetts, AMA Hall of Fame, AIMEXPO, the Indian Factory in Iowa, Sturgis South Dakota, the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the Pacific Coast Highway, and a day of dirt riding in Colorado, then to Albuquerque, NM and then down to Fort Stockton, Texas, the last leg of the 18‐day journey.

The Fort Stockton, Texas to Laredo, Texas is the last leg of the United States (US) segment of the Global Relay. Women Riders are currently planning to be in Fort Stockton, Texas on Oct 11 where they will be hosted by the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce between 4p.m. and 9 p.m., please note that the schedule May change due to unforeseen events along the US route and frequent updates will be provided as the need arises.