Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Steven and Michelle Vranich of Florida made a first-time pit stop here in Fort Stockton Tuesday March, 20. While taking their dogs for a stroll, the couple paused to share a few words on their lengthy road trip.

““This looks like a nice town when you see it off the highway. Then when you look down the road from this gas station, it looks like the town ends,” began Steven as he glanced at North Highway 18 towards the St. Agnes Catholic Church.

“We’ve never been here before. We just stopped for gas, some snacks and to let our dogs walk around. We’re headed to our new home in California, and we’ve been on the road for a day and a half now. We’re doin’ alright. We’ve got about another day and a half of driving to go. We drink a lot of coffee while on the road,” he said with a tired smile.

“This is Lily and Arya. We named Arya after Arya Stark on the show Game of Thrones. We stop a little more often for the dogs, but their doing really good,” added Michelle as she introduced their two traveling pooches.

Making one last comment on their big move, Steven concluded, “West Texas is nice.Texas is my wife’s favorite state. You know, it’s all been a big blur to me. I can’t say there’s been a particular highlight of the trip; just a lot of driving. I had to drive out to California by myself three weeks ago, then I flew back after I got our house. Now I’m driving my wife, our dogs and all of our stuff out there. I already got my job, the house, and everything’s lined up. We’re just ready to move in. We’re both from Florida, but we’re moving to California for the job opportunities.”