Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Yony Rolando Recinos Saballa found himself stranded on the I-10 service road and turned to local residents Bob Beal and Iselda Acosta for help.(Staff photo/Jeremy Gonzalez)

Yony Rolando Recinos Saballa of Guatemala was marooned in Fort Stockton for a few days this past week. The young Guatemalan is a transporter who was in the process of towing an old vehicle purchased in the United States to re-sell in Guatemala City.

When Saballa broke down on the side of the highway, he was in luck to meet residents Bob Beal and Iselda Acosta who live in close-range of the Interstate. Beal and Acosta helped Saballa move his vehicle and allowed him to park it near their homestead. The local couple even treated the traveler to hot meals, a shower, and place to lay his head at night.

“We live off the service road, so we run into situations like this from time-to-time. People run out of gas, get stranded, or they come to our doorstep asking for directions,” said Acosta.

Commenting on Saballa, Beal explained, “He was having problems with his towing mechanism, but he had a friend come help him with it. We actually had a little party with them last night – nice guys.”

Before departing to Guatemala City, Saballa shared his thoughts on Fort Stockton and said, “Muy caliente.” Reflecting on the unexpected visitor's brief stay, Beal concluded, “We don't mind helping people out if we can. I do have an open invitation to Guatemala now.”