Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Frank and Marla Wright of Corona, CA stopped to fuel up their RV at the Love’s Travel Stop Tuesday, Oct. 24 while on tight schedule to visit their many planned destinations.

“We're headed to lots of places,” laughed Marla as Frank finished fueling the RV. “We’re going to Fort Lauderdale, FL because Frank has a boat show there. Then we’re also going to St. Augustine, FL, the Kennedy Space Center, and we’re on our way to San Antonio today.”

While approaching the RV, Marla was greeted by her two dogs Ruff and Ready, who were comfortably seated next to Frank and ready to go.

“We’ve never been to Fort Stockton, we only stopped here to get gas. It looks like a nice little town though,” said Frank just moments before he drove the RV out of the Loves parking lot.