Where Ya Headed?: Travelers of FS


Enjoying his retirement, Dan Wagner of Silver Springs, Florida pulled into the Flying J Travel Center on Monday with a kayak strapped onto the bed cap and roof of his Ford F-150. Looking very relaxed, Wagner spoke on his recent travels and why he stopped here in Fort Stockton.

“Gas - just gas,” said Wagner. “I’m traveling around. Doing some kayaking, as you can see. Stopped off at Cedar Key in Florida and kayaked there for a day. Then I went on to Houston and spent a day at the Nasa Space Center. From Houston, I went to San Antonio and spent an evening on the River Walk and a day at the Alamo. Now I’m headed to the Elephant Butte Reservoir in New Mexico and I’ll do some paddling around the water there,” he said.

Wagner has the travel bug, so his journey doesn’t end at Elephant Butte. After getting his paddles wet in New Mexico, he plans on hitting a handful of other destinations before returning to The Orange State.

“When you’re an old retired guy, you can follow your nose where ever you want to go,” said Wagner. “I’m going to Arizona for the Petrified Forest, Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon. Then I’ll stop by Mesa Verde (Colorado) and make a big loop to head on back to Florida,” he said.

While Wagner is now a proud Floridian, he says he’s a true Texan at heart after spending 14-years living in the Fort Worth area.

“I love Texas,” said Wagner. “I love the hill country and I love this dry beautiful area of West Texas. I just hopped off the 10 for some gas, but from what I can tell, this town looks like some good country living. Open skies and easy going people,” he said.