Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Rap artists “Poodeezy” and “Mack Twon” rolled into town in their jet black tour van Monday, March 26.Stopping for gas at the Love’s Travel Stop, the two rappers also decided to grab a quick bite at Carl’s Jr.

“We passed through here last year,” said Poodezy as he waited for his food. “We did a show in San Antonio last night and now we’re headed to San Diego. We’ll go home to San Diego for a day, and then we go right back on tour. The grind never stops.”

The Hip-Hop entourage included record producer “Eldee,” who assisted the rappers with their national tour. Sharing a few words on their journey Eldee said:

“We’re on the ‘Neon Black Tour’ with a rapper named Riff Raff. We’ve hit a ton of cities already, and we’re all pretty tired from the long car rides. We’ve been touring for about a month now. We’ll take a day to relax in California and our next show is in Los Angeles. We’re on a tight schedule, so we’re about to get back on the road as soon as they get their food.”

Poodeezy looked over at Mack Twon and hollered: “Yo, get me some ketchup for those hash browns!”

“We got hungry, but I don’t eat none of this stuff really,” he said. “We all just ordered a lot of hash browns. You feel me? We ordered the large size. The biggest one they have.

“We only stopped here for hash browns and gas. That’s a rap song idea right there: ‘hash browns and gas’ (laughs).

“My latest project is called ‘Trap Native’ and Mack Twon’s project is called ‘Return of the Mack.’ We’re doing it big with our Black Neon tour, so check us out on Instagram.”

For pictures and updates, you can follow the musicians on Instagram: @poodeezybz, @mackalem, and @elddub.