Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Slawi and Monika Schawalder have traveled a long way from their homeland of Switzerland. The European couple are on an extensive road trip to explore the United States and its many national parks. Stopping for gas at the Stripes off US 285, the Schawalders were excited to talk about their adventure in America.

“We’re on our way to Florida to spend two weeks with our children. After that, we want to drive through the United States to see more national parks. We also want to go up to Canada and Alaska. We want to see all the national parks that we can in America. This is such a big and beautiful country,” said Monika with a big smile.

Stepping into the conversation, Slawi said, “We’ve just arrived to this town, so we haven’t seen anything but this gasoline station. The driving is easy. It’s really easy. I don’t drink any coffee when I’m driving, only water. And we have a rooftop tent, so at night we sleep in the car. We’ll stop and enjoy some wine and food before bed. We’ve been traveling about four and a half years now. We’ve put this car on a ship and we’ve gone to Germany, South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other places.”

The Schawalders enjoyed spending seven months in Mexico and will spend half a year driving across the United States. After being in the country for a week now, Slawi giggled and said, “We eat a lot of hamburgers in America.”

Monika also reflected on their weeklong stay and said, “The nature is our favorite part about America. We really enjoyed the sand dunes and the caverns in New Mexico. That was really interesting. We’ve got to see deer, elk, hawks, and one of those running birds here in Texas.”