Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


The warmer weather is gradually making its return, so the Ben E. Keith Co. is stocking store coolers across the state with their vast variety of beer. Making a routine stop at the Apache Liquors store here in town, employee Jason Riley shared a few words about his brief delivery visits.

“There’s a couple of different spots we hit here in Fort Stockton. Since they’re smaller spots, we only hit them when they’re in need of more product. Apache Liquors is the one we hit the most; we deliver here every two weeks. Also, 5 O’Clock Somewhere has been buying some of our beers lately. Apache and 5 O’ Clock have been the two I’ve stopped at the most since I’ve taken over this route,” said Riley as he pushed a dolly stacked with cases of beer.

“I don’t get to see much of the town when I’m here, but it kind of reminds me of Central Texas in some ways. I see that you guys have a Bush’s Chicken here, which is crazy. I used to live in Waco, so I’ve eaten my share of Bush’s Chicken. I haven’t gotten to eat anywhere here in town yet. Usually, I’ll grab a quick bite at the Holland Hotel in Alpine before I make it over here. After I do my Fort Stockton delivery, I always have to hustle back to El Paso. That’s where I’m headed; back to El Paso,” said Riley.

The Ben E. Keith Co. makes deliveries to Van Horn, Fort Davis, Alpine, Marfa and Fort Stockton. When it came to talking about the numerous Ben E. Keith beverages, Riley opened up like cold can of beer.

“We bring all sorts crafts and imports to Fort Stockton. We’re getting more Germans like Hofbrauhaus, Franziskaner, and Spaten. We just got a new brewery out of Tampa that we’re representing called Cigar City, and I brought some of their beer here. Other than that, I bring in a lot of the main staple brands like Dogfish Head, Lagunitas, Founders, Alaskan, and all the other big craft beers,” said Riley as he walked over to his vibrant van.

Pouring out a few final details, he concluded, “As you see on the van, we distribute for the Deep Ellum Brewing Company. They’ve got some really good beer like the Dallas Blonde, Neato Bandito, Local Legend Stout, Dream Crusher and the Oak Cliff Coffee Ale. There’s been a lot of new coffee beers coming out this year. Right now, I really love the Early Morning Shakes by the Oasis Texas Brewing Company. It’s a limited release from them, and it’s cut with cold brew coffee. It’s a really good place ale. Most coffee beers are usually thick, so you can’t put down three or four without getting bloated. But with the Early Morning Shakes, you can keep drinking ‘em. I like it a lot. I love coffee beer and to be able to have one that’s not as heavy bodied is great. I hope they keep doing it, because it’s a limited release. They said they were going to only send them out to El Paso, but we’ve spread some around West Texas. It’s here at Apache Liquors, so people should try it while they can.”