Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


The Lowry family is on the road with their online business “Follow the Flea”. Their mission is not to track down literal fleas, but it’s flea markets and antique shops that are the family’s forté.

“We review flea markets and vintage boutiques online. With our website we provide services for vendor membership, market membership and we’re posting the hottest items we see for online shoppers. We’ve just set up our mobile wifi, so now I can do a whole lot more of this work on the road,” said Stacy Lowry explaining the business.

After spending an entire month in Austin, the family rolled into Fort Stockton for a weeklong stay. “It’s a bit dusty here in Fort Stockton, but we’ve liked it,” admitted Lowry as she held the family’s Boston Terrier, Dante, who works as the Follow the Flea mascot. “Typically Dante wears a little bow tie, but he doesn’t’ have it on today. He’s become the face of our company. We’re proud of our logo, and it was designed after him,” added Lowry as Dante squirmed around in her arms with excitement.

The family hooked up their RV at Fort Stockton RV Park off I-10 and made some day trips to both Balmorhea and Fort Davis. Here in town, the Lowrys visited downtown sites such as the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum and the historic fort grounds. After having a family dinner at K-Bob’s, the family stumbled upon Vintage Finds and Funky Junk, which was right up their alley. Taking to the Follow the Flea website, the business owners wrote their review stating, “Deep in the Texas desert between El Paso and San Antonio we found a vintage boutique with an abundance of treasure awaiting new owners. The rusty dusty little town of Fort Stockton houses a big city vintage boutique with small town prices. The owner has a great eye for detail, her flawless groupings and displays take you on a journey through the 1800’s to the 1970’s.

“We highly recommend Vintage Finds and Funky Junk as well as a visit to the town of Fort Stockton. The nearby Annie Riggs Memorial Museum displays original items from the home as well as items of local historic significance.”

Going into more detail about their trip to the Annie Riggs, Stacy said, “We loved the Annie Riggs. It was really nice. However, we didn’t really like the historic fort that’s here. It was a bit too modern to be historically correct, but the Annie Riggs was wonderfully done. We’ve really enjoyed our stay here.” Walking late into the conversation, Stacy’s husband Shane stepped out of the RV and said, “We like that Roadrunner Cafe that’s here at the RV Park. We’re going to eat their again tonight as a family. I can tell you guys have a lot of unique travelers passing through like us. We saw a big purple RV earlier that said ‘Acro-cats’ on the side of it, so I guess the circus cats are driving through the area.”

Traveling with his wife Stacy, mother Megan, daughter Georgia and son Ethan, Mr. Lowry concluded, “Where are we headed next? We’re going to Las Cruces from here, but Fort Stockton was fun.”