Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


With the annual Sheep Dog Trials in full swing this week, traveling couple Kyle and Rose Hooten pulled into town to watch the dogs run Monday, Feb. 12 at the Pecos County shooting range.

“We were searching online for sheep dog trials and we found out that one was happening here in Fort Stockton. It was perfect, because we’re on our way to Big Bend,” said Rose from the comfort of her lawn chair.

The couple parked their traveling van on the sidelines of the trials among many other travelers and Border Collie handlers. Sharing a few words on their trip, Rose continued, “We started the trip in Vegas. We went up the entire West Coast all the way up to Canada. We also drove the East Coast, the Atlantic South, down to the Keys, and back to the Gulf Coast. We’ve covered a lot of ground, but I won’t pull out our map. We basically hit everything but the North East.”

Speaking on Fort Stockton and the cold February morning, Kyle said, “We got in last night and parked at the local Walmart. That’s the most RVs I’ve ever seen stay at a Walmart parking lot overnight. We haven’t got to see much of the town yet. Just the main drag, but gas is really cheap here. Yeah, it’s kind of cold out this morning, but you’ll put up with anything if you enjoy what you’re watching. We enjoy watching these trials, so that’s why we’re out here.”

The couple talked with handlers and took many pictures of the sheep dogs in action. After enjoying their first attendance of the Fort Stockton Sheep Dog Trials, they drifted off to Big Bend National Park for some hiking.