Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Ted and Susan Hannon of Midland stopped for gas at the local Exxon on Dickinson Friday, Jan 26. The married couple and their dog Mac were driving to Lajitas and needed to fuel up for the rest of their road trip.

“We’re headed to Lajitas, which is just passed Terlingua. It’s one of the last places in Texas before you hit Mexico. It was nice weather to take a day trip, so that’s our plan today,” said Susan before following her husband into their large silver Airstream trailer.

Giving a tour of their sleek Airstream, she continued, “When we travel with our Airstream we don’t go camping, we go ‘glamping’, which is a more glamorous version of camping. This is a 25-footer. We’ve got two flat screens, a fully stocked fridge and freezer, a shower, a bathroom, our bedroom, pocket pantry and plenty of storage space. We brought some ribs with us because we usually like to grill. We bought this Airstream in Austin and it’s actually our fourth one. We went from camping in tents to this, so we know what a luxury it is (laughs). Ted and I were high school sweethearts, so we’ve been camping together in Big Bend since we were 18 years old. We’ve definitely upgraded.”

Taking a seat at their mobile kitchen table, Ted chimed in, “We like Fort Stockton. It’s a nice town. We’ve been passing through here since the 70s. It’s changed a lot. It’s changed in a good way; it’s really grown here. All of the small towns around this area have grown. We just pulled into Fort Stockton today for gas, and we’ll probably grab steaks for dinner at that nice restaurant in Marathon later on.”

Pausing for a moment, Ted looked down at their dog Mac and said, “You ready boy? C’mon let’s go.” The trio piled into their truck and took off towards Big Bend Country with their silver Airstream glistening in the sun.