Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Kris Murray of Chicago pulled into Fort Stockton’s Flying J to refill his RV propane tank on Tuesday, Jan. 23. Stepping out of his home on wheels, Murray was open to chitchat about his mobile lifestyle.

“I’ve been traveling the states a little over three years now, and not having to pay a mortgage is my favorite part about life out on the road. Gas and food is really the only expenses that I have. Also, I get to see all sorts of cool places I would have never known about otherwise. I would have never known about the Guadalupe Mountains if I never drove through this area. I’m actually planning to go visit the Guadalupes soon,” said Murray.

When asked if he’s ever seen Fort Stockton’s popular Paisano Pete, he said, “I don’t think I’ve seen the giant roadrunner yet. I’ve passed through here before – must have missed it. I know I’ve seen the world’s tallest filing cabinet. You see if I weren’t traveling I would have never known there was a huge filing cabinet in Vermont. I bought this thing and just started traveling,” he said glancing over at his camper van.

On whether his RV had a name he said “Negative. I know some people name their rides, but I just call mine my home. I’ve got my ‘Welcome’ mat and a place to rest my head at night.”

Murray revealed that he was currently en route to Big Bend National Park to finish off the month of January with some camping and to catch the upcoming lunar eclipse to take place on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

“What better place to watch an eclipse than out in Big Bend National Park? I love this area. I kind of fell in love with Alpine the last time I was out here. This is my third time coming out to west Texas. I like my solitude and peace. Fort Stockton is a nice big-little town. It’s got all the stuff you need, but it still feels like a small town. It’s a great place to restock up,” said Murray adjusting his bucket hat.

Rocking his favorite bright red Kool-Aid shirt, Murray rolled up his “Welcome” mat and hit the road towards Big Bend country.