Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Craig Richter and Ellen Arietta are journeying from Eugene, OR to Corpus Christi with their dog Maebee. The traveling family made a quick stop in Fort Stockton to put some gas in their tank Monday, Jan. 15.

When asked about the decision to stop in Stockton, Richter looked around and said, “Fort Stockton? I didn’t even know that’s where we were. We just needed some gas. I can’t really see much of the town, but this Loves gas station is nice.”

Stepping into the conversation, Arietta said, “I didn’t realize this town had a newspaper. That’s good to hear. When you first walked up to us, I thought you were trying to sell us a religion. We don’t need a religion; we just need to get to Corpus to pick up our new rescue dog.”

Looking over at their current dog, Maebee, Richter said, “Hopefully Maebee approves of the other dog. That’s why her name is Maebee (laughs).”

After giving Maebee a good scratch on the head, Arietta went on to share a few words on their visit to the Lone Star State.

“The weather is pretty out here in the desert today, but we arrived in Texas just in time for the cold front. Looks like the temperatures will be dropping tomorrow. We’ve been on the road since Friday.”

After fueling up, the trio piled into their vehicle and departed for some more long stretches of Texas highway.