Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Mr. and Mrs. Wilson of Tucson, AZ made an overnight stay in Fort Stockton at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Wednesday, Dec 20. Before departing to New Braunfels to visit family for Christmas, the couple made a quick stop at the Love’s Travel Stop Thursday, Dec. 21.

Pulling out a portable three-legged stool, Tom Wilson took a seat in front of the travel stop’s Carl’s Jr. to smoke a quick cigarette.

“I’m a smoker and this is my little chair. I’m traveling with my wife of 50 years, but she won’t let me smoke in the car. I don’t even smoke in my own house. That’s why I pull out this little chair and smoke every time we stop. I can’t smoke around my wife, but we’ve been making it work for 50 years,” said Wilson with a grin.

Taking a drag of his cigarette, he said, “Fort Stockton has been a great place to stay in all honesty. All the locals here have been totally friendly. I was really surprised by how the locals have a southern accent. That accent really took me by surprise. We’re probably going to stop here in Fort Stockton every time we travel this way. When the people of a town are friendly then it’s worth the stop. It makes the stay more pleasant.”

After finishing his cigarette, he walked to his car where his wife was patiently waiting for him to finishing his smoke break.