Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Beatriz Shapard and her two traveling pooches, Coco and Bella, made a quick pit stop here in Fort Stockton Monday, Dec.18. Full of energy, the two small dogs had a blast while sniffing around the dry west Texas grass.

“They love to travel,” began Shapard as she managed her two vibrant leashes. “When they saw my suitcases sitting out, they both got very excited. We’ve been on a road trip from California to Austin.”

Looking around the Love’s Travel Stop parking lot, Shapard shared that she and her husband Patrick had moved to California from Austin, and were both traveling back to visit their families for Christmas.

“I love traveling, and so do our dogs. My husband is flying and I’m driving. I’ve stopped here in Fort Stockton before. We haven’t been into the town, we just stop here for gas. I actually got a ticket out here once,” she said while rounding up her two small dogs.

The trio jumped into their vehicle and drove away, keeping to their tight schedule. Looks like the Shapard family will be home for the holidays.