Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


After spending five days in Big Bend National Park, Matthew and Stephanie Burdette made few memories here in Fort Stockton Thursday, Dec. 7.

Before hitting their next destination, the married couple grabbed some food at Pepito's Café and made an unexpected stop at Paisano Pete.

“We got to Big Bend on Monday and came out today to try to beat the weather. So far, we’re winning,” joked Matthew as the snowfall grew heavier. “It’s funny because we knew it was going to snow in the Big Bend, but we didn’t know it was going to snow in this whole entire area. We’re headed to San Antonio and then back to Maryland,” he added.

Commenting on Fort Stockton, he said, “Seems like a cool little close-knit town. When we were eating at Pepito’s Cafe it was cool to look around and see the local community hanging out in there. It looked like they didn’t know what to do with all the snow around them.”

Stephanie chimed in her excitement from seeing Paisano Pete, and said, “I really like that big roadrunner. We kept trying to get pictures of roadrunners out in Big Bend, but we never got one. At least we got a picture with a giant roadrunner here.”

The couple shared they saw tarantulas, coyote, deer, roadrunners, jack rabbits, and squirrels while hiking in the Big Bend National Park.

Further reflecting on his brief visit, Matthew concluded, “It was definitely different driving through west Texas in the snow. When we passed through the first time, I was telling my wife that it was kind of sad to see all the Christmas decorations out, because they’ll probably never get any snow. Ironically, when we came driving through this town again, there was a lot of snow (laughs). It looked like the Christmas that they decorated for.”