Where ya headed?: Travelers of FS


Mel and Jackie Landford of Gonzales County stopped for an overnight stay at the local Wal-Mart parking lot with their dog, Mel. Camping out in a travel trailer, Landford emerged to cold weather and a crowd of other travelers.  

"If you mention my dog Mel, you gotta mention my wife Jackie," laughed Landford as he gazed across the parking lot. "She's in the trailer sleeping. We're on our way to Oceanside, CA to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter. We come to Fort Stockton often – it's been our overnight destination for a while."

"This is the most RV-populated Wal-Mart parking in the whole U.S., I'm serious. I've traveled across the nation and this one always has the most travelers. I could not believe the number of campers overnighting here last night. That's a good thing, though. Some Wal-Mart parking lots restrict overnight camping, but there's a website that lists all the ones that allow it," explained Landford. 

"It’s a beautiful day. I grew up here in west Texas, so I'm familiar with this town. There used be a big spring fed pool here back in the day; I guess it's not here anymore. What a shame. But overall, we like stopping in Fort Stockton. It's a good place to stay overnight," concluded Landford with his pooch Mel by his side.