Where Ya Headed?: Travelers of FS


Cutline: Paul Goodman admires his dog Buster as the duo enjoy some rare shade in the Walmart parking lot. (Jeremy Gonzalez/The Pioneer)

Where Ya Headed?

Paul Goodman of Arizona managed to find himself some shade in the vast Walmart Parking lot here in town. Taking a seat under a tree with his dog Buster, Goodman takes a moment to talk about life of travel and retirement.

“My wife and I have been on the road for a couple of years now. She's in our Airstream right now. We're heading to Mercedes, TX to go visit her sister,” said Goodman.

Scratching his dog's head he continued, “We've only been here in Fort Stockton for about 30 minutes, so we haven't gone anywhere other than Walmart. This is a nice small town. I've been through here many times. I used to come here quite a bit a few years ago. I'd stop to grab something to eat and get gas. I know there's a giant roadrunner here somewhere, but I don't have any thoughts about the roadrunner.”

“I'm retired now. I like to relax with my rescue dog. That's what we're doing right now. We're waiting for this heavy wind to stop. My favorite part about being retired and traveling is the relaxation. I like sitting in the shade. I enjoy a cool breeze – not these strong winds. It's nice that every city we go to, I can just stop and look at stuff. I'm retired and at ease,” concluded Goodman.