Water district settles Jagged Peak drill issues


The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 21 and settled their issues with Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, and its wells.

Over the past few months, ongoing discussions with two companies – Duran Drilling and Drillpro Water Well Drilling Company – were held regarding several violations that the board said the companies committed.

There were several issues against the drillers, but the main issue was the fact they were unsure if the wells that were drilled were commingling water sources.

The wells were drilled without finding water quality.

All of the issues were resolved when it was found that while the wells were commingling, there was no degradation.

The drillers were required to fix their paperwork issues and go over the rules so they do not commit another violation. Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, which know owns the wells, agreed to pay $25,000 to the district.

The water district agreed that in the future they would pay more attention to the drillers and make sure everything is done correctly the first time.

In another action:

The water district had previously protested R360 Environmental Solutions LLC.'s request to build a solid waste disposal facility in Northern Pecos County.

The facility would be two miles south of Pecos River on Highway 18.

R360 is an environmental oilfield waste management provider that takes solid waste from oil fields.

The district previously protested due to proximity to the river, but R360 said it has taken all necessary steps to ensure the groundwater was safe.

The facility will have several monitor wells and several layers of lining to protect the groundwater.

The facility will have people on site 24-hours-a-day in case of a leak, but the company said it has never had any leakage problems in their past.

They also agreed to work with the district and submit their samples and findings quarterly.

“I think they have gone above and beyond,” said General Manager Ty Edwards. “I think ya'll should withdraw.”

The board voted to withdraw the protest, with board member Ronald Cooper voting against.