Valadez sworn in as licensed attorney


Adrian A. Valadez was sworn in by the Hon. Robert Cadena, 83rd District Judge on Tuesday, Dec. 5. Valadez graduated from St. Mary’s Law School in May of 2017 and will practice law at the Valdez Law Office with his father and law partner, Albert G. Valadez.

Sitting behind his new desk at the Valadez Law Offices, Valdez spoke on he what he looks forward to in his new career.

“I was finally sworn in as a licensed attorney, so I’m excited to start learning the ropes with my father. Learning how the process works and helping clients defend themselves. Whether it be criminal or family law. I just want to help the community the best that I can,” began Valadez.

Reminiscing on the past events that lead to his new position he continued, “I’ve been here in Fort Stockton since I was two. I was in Boy Scouts from ages six to 17. I became an Eagle Scout just a few blocks behind Callaghan, over there on Main. Then I went off to college and got my Bachelor’s of Business Administration at Angelo State University in San Angelo. After that, around 2008, I moved to San Antonio and worked for Texas Sterling doing civil construction. Actually, I’m still doing some transactional work with them. We did roads, bridges, and underground utilities. I was working full time there for five years, and then I worked part time all the way through law school.”

Leaning back in his leather chair, Valadez opened up on the experience of completing three years of law school. “It wasn’t easy. I went to law school in San Antonio at St. Mary’s University in 2014 and graduated in 2017. Taking the bar exam was probably the hardest part. It’s basically three years of education in a 15-hour test. Spread over three days. That was definitely the biggest hurtle; wrapping my head around all that material was a challenge. After that, the swearing in was a little bit easier (laughs). The bar exam was intense, but I think my construction background helped me out. That’s where I really cut my teeth. Learning hands-on, getting out in the field, and working trenches. It helped me to learn a lot of responsibly. I had my own crews and had to give safety speeches - sometimes in Spanish, so I got to exercise my Spanish. You never know what’s going to prepare you for your future. Working in construction helped me with my professionalism that I’m going to apply towards my law career,” said Valdez.

On his early ambitions, he said, “As I’m getting started, I want to get to a point that my father and I can expand our business and take on more clients. Maybe expand into Alpine and other surrounding cities. My little sister Christiana just started her first semester of law school at Texas Southern University in Houston. Once she gets on board, then we can start a firm here. That would be our long-term goal. We want to go from a sole practitioner to a Valadez law firm. A family oriented business.” Reflecting on being sworn in, Valadez concluded, “I was sworn in twice. The first one was the 112th District in Rankin. I was sworn in by Judge Gomez, and then I was sworn in the 83rd here in Fort Stockton. That’s the courthouse I pretty much grew up in., because my dad worked there when I was little. More of my family was able to attend as I was sworn in by both judges. It was a ceremonial swearing in. The first time I was nervous - I had sweaty palms. The second time around, I was more excited and ready to get started. The more time I spend in court, the more comfortable I become. Right now, I’m trying to familiarize myself with the different attorneys, judges, and clerks. I’m excited to be a licensed attorney.”