Utility school in FS again


For the last 15 years, the Far West Texas Regional School hosted by the Texas Water Utilities Association had classes in Fort Stockton.

The school trains water and wastewater operators and allows them to obtain their necessary licenses.

The 20-hour courses are held over several days and are hosted around the state.

The Fort Stockton classes are important because it is a central location for people around the Permian Basin to visit.

“We have people from all around that come,” said Tom Ezell, Chairman of Texas Water Utilities Association.

There are several classes offered including things like back flow prevention or wastewater.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau and city of Fort Stockton help host the event, with 60 to 100 people over the week.

“It's the perfect location, we don't want to lose it,” said Aaron Ramos, Public Works Director.

The other classes held throughout the state can see upwards of 300 people or more at the events, which is what draws people to the smaller venue in Fort Stockton.

“A lot of them enjoy it because it is a small school,” said Ramos.

The school recently moved to October, from February to accommodate more people.

“Our goal is to keep getting bigger,” said Ramos.