Tornado warning siren test today at 9 a.m.; Safety tips should a tornado develop


The Pecos County Emergency Management Office and the City of Fort Stockton will be conducting a test on the tornado sirens on Friday May 17 at 9 a.m. The office said that there will be a long, steady blast and for the public not bear take safety measures normally tied to a tornado warning.

Here are tornado safety tips from The Insurance Journal:

It’s all about having a plan, and start planning early if possible.

To begin, buy a weather radio, which carries alerts from your local National Weather Service office (and many models can be programmed to sound an alert tone only if your area is threatened.) You should also clear a path to your basement or a closet or interior room on the lowest floor of your home. The golden rule: Put as many walls between you and the outside.

On the day of the storm, tune in to local broadcasters or your local NWS office and follow them and FEMA on social media if you will check it often enough. Avoid media that won’t automatically cut in with warnings for your area.

A watch means conditions are good for storms to develop. The National Weather Service says it means just that: Watch.

If you are home when a warning is issued, go to your safe place. You have been warned. Remember: as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Don’t go outside to confirm the storm is in your area. Spotters and forecasters have already done that.

If you are in car when a warning is issued, flee if it is safe to do so, but be aware thousands of others may have the same idea. If you are unable to get away, get out of your vehicle and into the lowest place possible (but watch for areas prone to flash flooding). Do not go under a bridge, where winds can actually be higher because of a change in air pressure where it passes beneath.