'Thank you' Mr. Baker!


Dear Editor:

I'm writing to compliment your Fort Stockton School System for having a thoughtful and caring Assistant High School Principal, who at the varsity volleyball game last Tuesday evening, Aug. 21, between Fort Stockton and Denver City, Mr. Baker assisted my son in helping me to be as comfortable as possible while watching for the first time my great granddaughter Holly Hemmeline (De Leon).

A chair was provided and he gave directions for parking the car close to the entrance eliminating my having to walk a long distance to the gym. And after the game, he assisted in my getting outside, and made me comfortable while my son could have the car ready.

It was over and above Mr. Baker's duties and it was certainly a compliment to the school as well as the City of Fort Stockton!

Thank you Sincerely,

Myrl Slenz, age 90 plus.