Student Advisory Committee talks tech 


Superintendent Ralph Traynham met with the Student Advisory Committee and Technology Administrator Debra Ezell to discuss tech in the classroom. (Staff photo/Bethany Gaylor)

Student Advisory Committee talks tech 

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The Student Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, Nov. 28 in the Fort Stockton High School Library at 11:30 a.m. for one of their regular meetings.

The ten students that make up the committee consist of two principal-picked students to represent each grade level from grades eight through twelve. 

Superintendent Ralph Traynham attended the meeting in support of the committee and TCEA Technology Administrator Debra Ezell led the open discussion on utilizing tech in the classroom.

The group of peers expressed their thoughts on different tech-based learning management systems, such as the use of Google Classroom, and more.

Traynham explained that having a Student Advisory Committee allows students to shape the future of FSISD with their input and ideas.

"These meetings are a good experience for them," said Traynham watching from a distance. "One year, the students had a big discussion on the dress code. The majority of them were against the dress code, but they were very open-minded after we discussed the bullying prevention and safety concerns. With that said, the students will listen to both sides of any topic and then they really get involved." 

"The principals really selected a great group this year. The Fort Stockton students are good, genuine kids. Every time we hold these meeting the participating students always share sincere opinions," he added.

Following the group discussion on tech, the Student Advisory Committee enjoyed some Domino's Pizza and will reconvene in January to revisit the topic.