Stockton McDonald’s getting supersized


As the city welcomes in a new Domino’s Pizza and Bush’s Chicken, the fast-food superstar McDonald’s at 1500 N US Hwy 285 is subjected to some major changes this year.

Keeping its address, a brand new McDonald’s will be constructed behind the current location. The existing building will be demolished and converted into a more spacious parking lot.

According to McDonald’s Director of Operations Randy Arzola, the work will begin on Monday, July 17, with hopes to be completed by the end of October.

The forthcoming McDonald’s will be a new contemporary design, and is bringing in many upgrades to keep up with the times.

Arzola highlighted the new building will roll out features such as digital ordering kiosks, an arcade oriented Play Place, sleek dining spaces, digital drive-through menu screens, and much more.

Arzola and Store Manager Esmy Granillo confirmed that the current McDonald’s plans to close for an estimated two to four weeks, but will remain open during the majority of the new building’s construction.

Arzola stated that there would be no layoffs. The standing staff will carry over to the new building and 15 new positions will open up due to expansion.

Say goodbye to the McDonald’s of the present. Arzola and Granillo are confident that the McDonald’s of the future will have Fort Stockton saying, “I’m lovin’ it” when they get to enjoy the modern advancements.