STEAM night on Tuesday


The Fort Stockton Middle School with Project Lead The Way is having their family STEAM night on Tuesday.

Project Lead The Way is a nonprofit that creates engaging classroom environments that gives students the chance to apply in demand transportable skills by exploring real world challenges.

STEAM night celebrates science, engineering, art, math and science and the event is essentially a science fair extravaganza.

“It's a chance for our kids to show the public what they've learned,” said PLTW facilitator Dawn Ramirez.

The all ages event will also be a chance for students to unveil the aquaponics project they have been working on thanks to a Texas New Mexico Power Grant.

The students researched an aquaponics system and built something that with fish at the bottom and seeds at the top.

“The whole idea is to teach kids about using resources,” said Ramirez.

The project also shows the kids alternative ways to produce food, things about the environment and plant growth.