Stanton takes lead over Prowlers


The Prowlers fell to 1-3 for the season in an overtime game Saturday afternoon.

The Prowlers took a 30-27 lead into the half but only added four points in the third quarter while Stanton added 11 to take a lead. The Prowlers fought back in the fourth quarter to end regulation and tied at 46. The Prowlers were outscored by only two points as Stanton took the victory 53-55.

Scoring for the Prowlers Saturday were Elizabeth Mata with 11 points, Enissa Sanchez with 10 points, Cassie Velasquez with nine points, Abby Garcia with seven points, Becca Rodriguez with six points, Katie Salmon with four points, and Krystal Porras and Trinity Allen with two points each.

The Prowler JV were able to take a 46-45 victory Saturday afternoon in a close game against Stanton. Jocelyn Lujan led the JV with 14 points, followed by Dania Mendoza with 11 points while Annika Melendez, Bailey Galindo, and Alexi Rivera each added four points. Arissa Mesa added three points, and Jaeda Luna, Andrea Pacheco, and Ysabel Velasquez added two points each.