Square dancers mix it up


On Saturday the Levis and Lace Square Dance Club had a dance at the Crockett County Senior Citizens Center from 7–9 p.m. The caller for the evening was John Geen from San Angelo. He and his wife Nora Geen are the callers for The Promenade Squares, a square dance club in San Angelo.

Excitement filled the air as the music started. Toes were tapping and petticoats were swishing with dancers twirling around and around the dance floor. Dancers danced across the floor dancing to calls like spin chain thru, acey deucy, teacup chain,and load the boat, from the calling instruction of caller John Geen. He called a plus tip and also a six couple tip, which is lots of fun.

Between tips, two steps, contra dancing, line dancing and waltzes were done. A special guest tip was called by Wynn Alston.

The turnout was great. The club appreciated their guest dancers from Promedande Squares:  caller John Geen and his wife Nora Geen, Wynn Alston and Marilda Johhnson. The club’s angel dancers were Mary Williamson, Karan Heffelfinger,Nell Wester, JoAnn Babbitt, Frank Fred, Sydney Knaack,Carol Adcock, Tracye Young, Danny Monzingo, Tammi Monzingo, Karen McDonald, Bobby McDonald and Sara Gunnels. Students present were Robert Pena and Mary Williamson. Special visitors were Ty and Taylee Cross (grandkid of Tracye Young and great-grandkids of Carol Adcock), Ana Knaack, Travis Knaack, Tina Moran and Joe Moran.

The dance events are fun and fellowship set to music. They are held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at the Crockett County Senior Citizens Center from 7–9 p.m. For more information call Carol Adcock at 325-650-0265.