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Sports, cars and family an easy sell for Franco


For the last 19 years, Rudy Franco has been selling cars, enjoying sports and spending time with his growing family.

“I like the small town living,” he said.

Franco, 52, lived in Odessa and Crane before making his way out to Fort Stockton.

“Amistad Motors is what brought us out here,” he said.

Franco is in charge of appraisals on cars being traded in. He also locates used cars for the dealership to sell at auto auctions, both in person and online.

When he is not selling cars, Franco enjoys the company of his three sons and his new baby granddaughter.

“We love it,” said Franco. “It's the first girl, so it is totally different.”

Raising three boys was a lot of fun for Franco since he is a sports lover.

He was able to coach his kids in football, and now is a Texas Association of Sports Officials referee for high school football.

“I just love the game, it's fun,” said Franco.

He also taught all of his boys boxing, since Franco is a certified boxing instructor.

“All of our family is involved in it,” he said.

Franco is a member of Knights of Columbus, a Catholic mens organization that helps with things at the church.

He also helps coordinate getting officials for an annual seven-on-seven flag football tournament in Crane.

The tournament is in honor of his wife's nephew, who was killed in a car crash.

The money raised is used for scholarships Crane High School seniors.

He is an avid bicycle rider. He tries to stay fit as much as he can.

Franco has been married to his love, Sophia, for 26 years – a journey he has enjoyed.

“There are no secrets to a long marriage,” he said. “You have to let the small things go, don't dwell.”

The couple enjoys watching Notre Dame football and being together as a family.

“We're just kind of simple people,” said Franco.

Whats next for Franco?

He hopes to retire and spend as much time with his granddaughter as possible.

“It's the greatest thing in the world,” he said. “Her smile melts my heart.”