Six seek two Fort Stockton City Council seats


The Fort Stockton Pioneer begins its coverage of the Saturday, May 4 election with introductory biographies of the six candidates vying for two seats on the Fort Stockton City Council.

The Pioneer will provide more in-depth coverage of the candidates ahead of the start of early voting in April.

For starters, we asked each candidate where they are from and why they are running:

• Paul Casias: “I've lived in Fort Stockton for 54 years. I'm running for council to help the city continue to grow and prosper, but especially so that my son and his future children can have a good place to live with a good infrastructure. I don't want future generations to worry about all the things that we can fix today.”

• Ruben Falcon (incumbent): “I was born and raised in Fort Stockton. I serve at the pleasure of the citizens. It is a privilege and honor to do so. I consider the following very important concerns to citizens and the city council: Health and safety, fiscal management, and improved quality of life.”

• Ross Harper: “I moved to Fort Stockton three years ago, because I fell in love with this town. The reason I'm running is because I feel that with the right leadership Fort Stockton has a bright future as the hub of travel, tourism, energy, and industry. Through smart growth and diversification we can ensure a city where people want to raise their families and enjoy all that Fort Stockton and the Trans-Pecos has to offer.

• Oscar Hernandez: “I grew up in San Angelo, and was educated in Ohio. I served in the military, and I relocated to Fort Stockton about 10 years ago. I see in Fort Stockton, a vibrant and dynamic city that is growing and offers a positive overall attitude to potential residents and business. Having been involved, as a private citizen, in city and county-wide governmental agencies over the several years has made me want to be directly involved in Fort Stockton's growth. My education and past experience in federal, state and local economic development and educational issues would help me as a member of city council.”

• Celedino “Dino” Ramirez Jr. (incumbent): “I was born and raised in Fort Stockton. There are many projects that I have been apart of in the last eight years and there are many more in the making that I feel need to be around and help finish up.”

• Mike Stallard: “I moved from Pecos to Fort Stockton in 2000. I'm running for city council because I want to see the city improve. The city has got to improve water, sewer, and roads. The city also has to look at what we're going to do when the oilfield boom stops. I want to prepare the city for that point. I want to look ahead to help the city maintain itself when it meets the end of this current boom.”