School district holding on to Comanche property


Once again, the Comanche School Property was a topic of discussion at the monthly Fort Stockton Independent School District board meeting.

After a long discussion in April on the property, the board decided Monday night to move forward themselves.

In April the Economic Development Council approached the district about the property since it had been left without discussion for several years.

The EDC had buyers interested in developing the property into houses or apartments.

The EDC said it would demolish the current school property, re-zone and get the area ready for homebuilders to build on it which would cost around $800,000.

The school board went into closed session in April, but reported nothing out of closed session.

The property was a hot topic dating back to 2006 when then-Superintendent Roy Mayfield was advised to “take all necessary steps to advertise the sale of the property.”

At Monday night's meeting the board decided to go forward with the asbestos abatement on the property costing around $188,000.

There are items needed to be removed from the property which the district will be responsible for as well as getting a water source to the property for the abatement crew.

When asked if the abatement was the first step before they decide to sell the property, Superintendent Ralph Traynham said they had no plans to sell the property.

In other news:

• The board approved several items regarding the Taygete Energy Project, LLC. which will be the largest solar farm in Texas.

The board approved the application allowing Taygete to proceed in the process with the comptroller, letting them know the district is in favor of the project.

They also approved allowing Taygete to waive the job creation requirement, which currently requires 10 full-time jobs.

Solar farms require a small workforce of around one to five employees.

Taygete will be giving the district around $2.2 million in taxes to the general fund.

There will be around 350 to 400 people working on the construction of the project.

•The board approved the renewal of the Germblast contract for infection control for the schools for $39,427.

The company comes at least 3 times a year and treats the athletic equipment or classrooms for contagious sickness.

• The district approved replacing the special events center scoreboard for $67,631.

• The high school tennis courts will be receiving sun covers from the Playwell Group for $53,116.

• The Fort Stockton Athletic Booster Club donated $350 to be used towards the athletic department.

• Gameday Productions donated $500 to be used towards the athletic department.

• The board approved allowing the superintendent to make final hiring decisions without the need to come to the board first.