School budget includes teach housing


The Fort Stockton Independent School District adopted the 2019-2020 budget which included things like teacher housing, bond obligations and payroll.

The payroll costs will be $19,663,425, professional and contracted services which include utilities and legal services will be $5,875,678, $1,818,056 for supplies and materials, $1,234,597 for other operating expenditures like travel.

The debt service is $44,764 and operating transfer out is $300,000.

The total budget comes out to $39,501,433.

They are budgeting $3,040,000 for teacher housing.

They are paying off the 2010, 2011, 2012 bonds early and will have $32, 140,000 left to pay on the 2013 bond.

The district has a 92% attendance rate which is one of the major drivers to generate additional revenue.

They are also able to increase teacher revenue with beginning teachers at $45,000.

In other news:

• The Fort Stockton Middle School track is almost complete, only about a week or so left.

• The 2019-2020 tax rate for the maintenance and operations tax is .97 cents and the proposed interest and sinking tax rate is .2552 cents for a total of $1.2252 which reflects a decrease of .0102 cents from last year.

• Game Day Productions donated $500 to FSISD to be used for the softball program.

• The board approved a budget amendment allowing them to move funds from instructional to the appropriate accounts to balance.