Rooney Park goes Jurassic!

CircusSaurus unleashed its dinosaurs


Combining the traditional circus with animatronic dinosaurs, the Carson & Barnes Circus brought “CircusSaurus” to the Fort Stockton Thursday, Sept. 27.

Transforming the Rooney Park into a “Jurassic” park, the event was in town for one day with an early showing at 4:30 p.m. and an evening showing at 8:30 p.m. The two showings also featured traditional acts such as acrobatics, juggling, balancing, clown skits, trained elephants and more.

“We’ve got dinosaurs in our circus,” said Ringmaster Eric Bautista. “We have a baby dinosaur that hatches out of an egg, then the large dinosaurs come stomping around the ring getting close to the audience. It’s an exciting production.”

Bautista is a third-generation circus performer and has been a Ringmaster for two years now. Sitting center of the ring, he took a moment to share his favorite part of the show before putting on his red coat and top hat.

“Act wise, my favorite part is always the elephants,” he said. “To me the elephants are special. They’re amazing animals. The dinosaur production is the coolest thing we have this year, but for me personally, I love to see our elephants perform.”

Bautista explained that the Carson & Barnes Circus is very transparent with the care of its elephants and allows the public to attend the elephants’ bathing sessions in each community that the circus travels to.

“We are committed to the care and conversation of our beautiful endangered Asian elephants, Bonnie and Libby, and look forward to doing so in every community we visit.”

The elephant duo, Bonnie and Libby, put on an impressive act and even provided rides for Fort Stockton attendees. The two shows attracted big crowds and with the many smiles leaving the CircusSaurus blue and yellow tent, Bautista counted the night as a success.

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