Ramos on board as new EDC Director


Remie Ramos was appointed to head the Fort Stockton Economic Development Corporation (EDC) as Executive Director and began work Monday, Dec. 4. Former EDC Executive Director Doug May retired after 17 years and is now on contract with the EDC board as an advisor.

Sharing appreciation for his predecessor, Ramos said, “I’ve spent a lot of time with Doug already, and have met several contacts that are involved with solar and railroad projects. It’s been really helpful to work alongside Doug to see how he executes different tasks and I look forward to learning more.”

Ramos explained that tapping into May’s resource pool and observing his work ethic has helped the transition tremendously.

On why he chose to run for EDC Director, Ramos said, “I was looking for something that was locally based. I didn’t want to leave Fort Stockton and I was looking for something that would allow to me have a positive impact on our city and county.” Sharing his initial ambitions as the new EDC Director, Ramos said, “I look forward to working as a liaison with all the various entities for the common good of our community and county. As far as early ambitions with this position, I want to work towards enhancing our workforce. If we can strengthen the work force, it will attract new businesses.”