Racial profiling report presented


During their regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 13, the County Commissioners heard a presentation of the Racial Profiling Report for 2017 from Sheriff Cliff Harris.

According to the report, the Pecos County Sheriff’s Department conducted 1,326 total motor vehicle stops. Of these stops, 1,315 resulted in citations only, and ten resulted in arrests only. One stop resulted in both a citation and an arrest.

The report stated that 108 people stopped were African-American, while 33 were of Asian descent. 514 of the individuals stopped were Caucasian, 654 were Hispanic, 15 were of Middle Eastern descent, and two individuals were Native American. In six of these cases, the ethnicity of the person was known before the stop; however, in 1,320 cases, the ethnicity was unknown before the stop.

Of the total 1,326 stops, 24 searches were conducted. Fourteen of the searches were consented, and 10 were not.