Fort Stockton

Quintella puts stamp on retirement plans


“It's time I gave someone else a shot,” said John Quintella as he worked one of his final days at the Fort Stockton Post Office. Quintella said he's been with the United States Postal Service for “a little over 33 years”.

“I've worked for the government for 45 years, 12 years in the military and about 33-and-a-half years here,” said Quintella. “I wouldn't trade it for nothin'. It was a good experience. An awesome experience really. I saw the world with the military, now I get to do it again without the military.”

After hanging his hat from working at the Post Office, Quintella says he'd like to do more traveling in his retirement.

“I want to travel and see the world again,” he said. “'I've got to get all my retirement stuff done, and then get my stuff organized at the house. Once I do all that, then I can get to the traveling. I got two boys, so I'll get to spend more time with them. But after all these years, I'm going to miss my coworkers. I had the best costumers – love them all. Gonna miss 'em too.”