Prowler Track takes bronze at West Texas Relays


The Prowler Track Teams competed in the West Texas Relays this past weekend, with the varsity team finishing in third place with 94 points for the meet.

Individual results for the meet included: Cassie Velasquez second in 100m dash, Daniela Diaz third in 200m dash, Cassie Velasquez sixth in 200m dash, Mireya Kannel fifth in 800m run, Elizabeth Mata sixth in 800m run, Alondra Favela fifth in 1600m run, Mireya Kannel sixth in 1600m run, Karissa Rocha third in 100 hurdles, Raquelle Bernal first in 300m hurdles, Raquelle Bernal, Melanie Castillo, Karissa Rocha, Daniela Diaz fourth in 4 x 100 relay, Elizabeth Mata, Katie Salmon, Karissa Rocha, Daniela Diaz fourth in 4 x 200 relay, Katie Salmon, Elizabeth Mata, Melanie Castillo, Jamari Pena third in 4 x 400 relay, Alyssa Chavez second in High Jump, Sarah Smith fifth in Long Jump, Alyssa Chavez sixth in long jump, Raquelle Bernal second in triple jump, Sarah Smith third in triple jump, Serena Tarrango third in shotput.

JV track action

Then in JV action, highlights included: Jaeda Luna fourth in 100m dash, Giselle Marquez first in 200m dash, Angela Diaz second in 200m dash, Bella Renteria fifth in 200m dash, Staci Whitfield first in 400m dash, Desiree Hodges second in 400m dash, Jasmine Butler third in 400m dash, Alondra Ramos second in 800m run, Sarina Patel fourth in 800m run, Danika Lopez fourth in 1600m run, Julyssa Rodriguez third in 3200m run, Danika Lopez fifth in 3200m run, Ashley Bislar seventh in 3200m run, Jocelyn Lujan fourth in 100m hurdles, Jocelyn Lujan third in 300m hurdles, Angela Diaz, Jaeda Luna, Daisy Villarreal, Bella Renteria first in 400m relay, Angela Diaz, Giselle Marquez, Alexis Rivera, Jaeda Luna second in 800m relay, Alexis Rivera, Desiree Hodges, Jasmine Butler, Staci Whitfield first in 1600m relay, Staci Whitfield third in High Jump, Jocelyn Lujan seventh in high jump, Jasmine Butler first in triple jump and Trinity Allen third in long jump.