Porky's Icehouse servin' it cold in time for summer


With the summer heat taking over the forecast, Porky’s Icehouse is now open to keep Fort Stockton cool. Located at 1401 W. Dickinson (formerly Cal’s), the new drive-through facility sells beer, cold drinks, snacks and more.

Owners Renee Verette and Phil Renz, are excited to introduce Porky's to the community, and openly shared all the details.

“We're officially open for business now. We're not training our employees or setting up anymore – you can drive on in,” clarified Renz with a cup of sweet tea in his hand.

“Everything is still in the early stages. We haven't started our happy hour just yet, but that's coming soon. We sell jello shots, daiquiris, and beers. For people who don't drink, we've got sweet tea, unsweetened tea, fountain drinks and more. We've got a lot to keep you cool in here, and it's all about convenience,” explained Renz.

Porky's Icehouse wouldn't be an icehouse without selling ice. During its first week of business, the employees revealed that their bagged ice was a popular seller.

Keeping oil country in mind, Renz and Verette had Porky's Icehouse built to accommodate large trucks and trailers that commerce in-and-out of town from the oil fields.

Elaborating on the large entryways, Renz says, “We've got big entrances. If you've got a big truck, it's not a tight squeeze. A lot of people out here have big trucks, so we wanted to make sure that it was easy for them to come in and out just as fast as the smaller cars.”

Porky's Icehouse is not only a drive-through facility; the newly constructed building also houses an indoor lounge for customers to sit and enjoy their beverages.

“We thought an indoor lounge would be better than setting up some picnic tables outside. We've got Direct TV, we've got bathrooms and it's all air conditioned. People can come in and relax if they want to,” shared Verette.

The two owners confirmed that a Chamber of Commerce Grand Opening and Fourth of July specials are the first ambitions of the new business. Official hours are not yet set in stone, and are subject to change.

“If you see the garage doors opened up – we're open.” laughed Renz.

For an authentic Texas drive-through experience with cold drinks and light snacks, pull into Porky's Icehouse today.