Pool: repairs done; will reopen in 2019


Repair work to the Comanche Springs Swimming Pool has been completed and the project awaits a walk-through with Pecos County officials and the contractor.

The pool will not open at this time.

“It’s done,” said Pecos County Judge Joe Shuster. “But the pool will not be reopened until next season. We’re excited to have the pool opened back up next year.”

Shuster said the project came in on budget. The base contract was for $216,921, with a contingency of up to $50,000.

The aging pool was found at risk of a major concrete collapse in August of 2017. It has been closed ever since.

The pool is a pier-and-beam structure, with underground springs bubbling up to the deck that needed repair. The project had to wait for the springs naturally stopped flowing to begin work, which started Monday, July 9.

The work included strengthening the structure supporting the distressed portion of the concrete deck and restoring it to a normal elevation. Some basic cosmetic work was also done to the site of repair and the pool grounds.

Shuster said the next and final step is to meet with Phoenix I Restoration & Construction to do one last walk through.