Plans for new mobile homes end without council action


The Fort Stockton City Council met Tuesday for their bimonthly meeting and had several public hearings on proposed manufactured mobile homes.

The first public hearing was for property owners Yadira and Jose Renteria for 200 E. El Paso Street adjacent to water street and between El Paso and Spring Street.

The owners wanted to re-zone the property and re-plat into four lots in order to place manufactured mobile homes that they would then rent out.

Several neighbors expressed their concern, while others agreed that housing was needed for the area.

The main concern was the type of housing being an eye sore since it was not a permanent structure.

“We're not happy with it,” said Ricky Gonzales who lives near the property.

The board could not come to a motion so no action was taken on the item.

The second public hearing was for Armando and Margarita Gonzalez to put one manufactured mobile home on 700 S. Water St. adjacent to Ryan Street.

Again, the board took no action.

The third public hearing was for 700 N. Colpitts St., by property owner Ledesma Properties, LLC.

This item was for four permanent structure units on the corner of Colpitts and Seventh streets.

Each house would be around 1,277 square feet and two stories.

“It's going to be an awesome facility,” said city secretary Delma Gonzalez.

The council unanimously approved the project.

In other news:

• Gary and Vanessa Cardwell suggested naming the dog park portion of Silliman Park into Zia Park for their dog who passed away. The park is currently undergoing renovations and will be split between a children's park and a dog park. The Cardwell's said they would pay for an entrance gate and a sign stating it is Zia Park. The Economic Development Council stated that in their rules, the city council needed to wait until renovations were complete before renaming the park or the EDC could not fund the project. The council tabled the item until the park is complete.

• The city entered into an interlocal agreement with the Fort Stockton Independent School District for the school resource officer.

“I think this is probably the most important agreement we have,” said council member Mike Ureta.

The school district will pay the city 83 percent of the annual salary of each officer assigned to the district. They will also employ a directing officer who will oversee the district SRO's and who will be on a 12-month service contract paid 100 percent by the district. The district will have five full-time SROs, and the district has final decision over assignments. The city will provide equipment for the SROs but the district will provide fuel and vehicle maintenance.

• The city renewed the state and local HIDTA task force agreement between the Fort Stockton Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Agency. The assigned officer works to help build and process drug cases.

• The council approved a retention stipend for full time employees who were employed prior to July 31, 2019 and actively employed on Aug. 12, 2019. The one-time payment is a bonus to get employees to stay with the city. Of those employees, 48 have been with the city less than a year and will receive a 1 percent stipend. The 25 employees who have two to four years will receive 2 percent. Those 21 employees with five to nine years get 3 percent. The 16 employees with 10 to 19 years will receive 4 percent and the five employees with 20 or more years get 5 percent. The city said they have lost many employees to the oil field and are hoping this encourages people to stick around.

Council Member James Warnock was not present at the meeting.

The Fort Stockton City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. At 121 West Second Street.