Pete celebrates 40 years


Over the weekend Fort Stockton's most famous bird celebrated 40 years since he was introduced at the Christmas parade in 1979.

Paisano Pete is the second largest roadrunner in the world and one of the most photographed sites in Fort Stockton.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Crystal Lopez wanted to do a celebration to promote tourism and get people out in the community.

“I wanted something for our small little town to enjoy,” she said.

While the event was fun and featured three bands including Unlyshed, Jake Ward and Peligro, some aspects fell short.

Lopez wanted to have a birthday cake competition, Paisano Pete themed, but no one signed up.

Also the attendance at the event could have been a lot better, and Lopez wants to know why.

“How can we better reach people,” she said.

Lopez said she advertised in the paper, on facebook and on the radio but time and time again the community is not coming out in as big of numbers as they would like.

This isn't just CVB events, all around the community people are complaining they didn't know about events until after the fact.

“As a member of the community I tend to go out of my way to show support by being at events,” said Andres Madrid.

He tries to attend every event the community offers and do livestreams to his followers.

“Our town does have the resources to put on events as long as people come out,” said Madrid.

A lot of money is spent to bring out bands and rent venues for the various events throughout the year and without community support they may cease to continue.

“My fear is if I don't use my facebook they might not come out at all,” said Madrid. “It takes effort to support events and the community but it's important.”

If anyone has ideas about events or how to get the community more involved, email Lopez at