Pecos County People

A look at people and business in Pecos County


For the last 30 years, Martha's Boutique and Dish TV have been serving the community with a wide array of needs.

Martha Maldonado started the business in 1989 selling jewelry and sewing for her friends.

“It was just my hobby,” she said.

When her kids, Billy and Lupita, were little, she was just selling to people she knew. After a year, her friends gave her the idea to open a store.

“I never really planned to do a business,” said Maldonado.

She sells dresses and clothes for special events such as Quinceneras, proms, communions, and more – as well as accessories.

“I love to do that kind of selling,” she said.

She rented a building for a few years before buying her current building at 1109 W. Dickinson.

She rents out the other part of the building.

She started getting involved in real estate and owns other buildings in Kermit.

She became close with all of her customers and considers them all friends and family, she said.

“I really feel very satisfied with what I do,” said Maldonado.

Longtime customers and friends Daniel and Carmen Martinez said they are proud to see how much she has progressed over the last 30 years.

“She has grown a lot of support from the community, they wrote in an e-mail to The Pioneer.

After 15 years in her business, Dish Network approached her and asked if she wanted to be an authorized retailer.

She started doing providing the service. She helpis people with their phones, internet and TV from her current shop.

She is still sewing for friends and customers.

“I love to sew,” she said. “It's not work, it's not a job for me.”

She works with one other employee.

Maldonado was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, but moved to Juarez and then El Paso.

She moved to Fort Stockton in 1984 with plans to move to El Paso, where she built a house.

When it became time for her kids to start school, she decided to sell her El Paso home and stay in Fort Stockton.

“I love Fort Stockton,” she said. “I think it's the best town for our kids.”

She loves the quiet community, the police department and the support of other businesses, chamber of commerce and city officials, she said.

“I think we decided the best thing for the kids by staying here,” said Maldonado.

She is proud of her two older kids who went off to college and now live in San Antonio.

Her son, Billy, has fond memories of growing up with his moms business.

“We truly understood the meaning of running a family business and sticking together,” he said. “It has been a long road of dedication, struggles and accomplishments to get them where they are today.”

Her youngest, Adrian, 14, is a freshman. He plays in the band at Fort Stockton High School.

In Maldonado's free time, she does what she can to help other people and children in Mexico with things for their schooling.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone in West Texas,” she said. “I really appreciate all the help and support.”

She is most proud of the support she has gotten from family and friends over the years.

“They have made such a great impact on our community,” said Billy, his wife Katryna and son Jaxon. “We love you mom and dad, keep up your hard work and dedication.”

Matha's Boutique can be reached at (432) 940-2182.