Susann Hall has enjoyed time back in Fort Stockton

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Despite not thinking she has an important role in the community, one wife, mother, co-worker and theatre aficionado contributes to the growing and changing city of Fort Stockton.

Susann Hall is the funeral assistant for Heritage funeral home, where her husband, James, is the funeral director.

For the last seven years they have been back in Fort Stockton helping people during a difficult time in their life.

James was a pastor previously, and decided to get into the funeral business when he noticed it was a time he could offer help and guidance.

“This is when people need someone the most,” said Susann.

They decided to come back to help out Susann's parents.

“Once you're from Fort Stockton, eventually everyone comes back,” she said.

The pair have seven kids ranging from 12 to 26-years-old, all of whom she homeschooled.

So far, four of her kids have graduated, with the last three following close behind.

Susann said there is a big homeschool group in Fort Stockton and they meet regularly to get the kids together for things like show and tell, valentines parties or dissecting frogs.

“It's mixing fun and learning,” she said.

When her older kids were homeschooled she said there was a stigma and people were not nice about it, but the times have changed and people are more accepting.

“People ask questions and are interested now,” said Susann.

Susann graduated from Fort Stockton High School before going to the University of Texas at Austin and finishing at Howard Payne University.

In her free time she enjoys reading, playing golf and being a busy mom of seven.


After traveling to Odessa in the seventh grade to see the musical “Carousal,” Susann's life changed forever.

“I got the theatre bug,” she said.

Susann is the Vice President of the Fort Stockton Community Theatre and focuses most of her time of children's programs.

She directs plays such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “Alice in Wonderland,” or historical plays for the Fourth of July for kids 3 to 18-years-old.

She has her degree in theatre and likes using it to help the youth advance and find their passions.

“This is another opportunity for kids to find out who they are and what they want to do,” said Susann.

Her whole family gets involved, including her husband with sound or lights, her kids acting or helping behind the scenes and the funeral home donating to the theatre itself.

This year, her second oldest son Justus will be going to Austin with J.B. Gallegos to take courses and learn how to run the new lighting board the theatre is getting.

They also hope to host some classes at the new theatre on lighting or building scenery flats and hope the community will come and be a part of the process.

She also enjoys hosting improv classes for jr high and high school, something that would be an all day workshop.

Her favorite part of teaching the younger generation is giving them an opportunity to learn how to talk in front of a crowd.

“It gives people courage,” said Susann.