Pecos County lands states largest solar farm


The state of Texas' largest solar farm will be in Pecos County upon the completion of 7x Energy's 2,000-acre Taygete Energy Project.

The plant, which is estimated to be open in 2021, will be built in the Coyanosa area and will produce 690 Mwp.

“We do have several other solar farms in Pecos County but this will make us the biggest solar farm producers in the state of Texas,” said County Judge Joe Shuster.

Pecos County is a prime location for solar farms given its more than 300 days with sunshine and existing infrastructure to power grids.

Shuster estimates construction will employ between 350 and 500 people for a six-to-nine month span.

After completion, the solar farm will employ 10 to 12 people permanently.

Over the life of the facility, the project is forecast to produce tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue.