Pecos County Dinner Tonight “goes coconuts”


It was almost like a trip to the South Seas as the theme for the Pecos County Dinner Tonight’s November meeting was “Going Coconuts.” 

Led by Karan Hefelfinger, the evening got started with a demonstration of how to open a coconut, which is not as difficult as you may think.

Karan showed the group how to punch a hole into the coconut shell and drain the milk, or water.

After that, a hammer can crack the outer shell, then the inner coconut “meat” can be extracted. 

Once you have the coconut opened, there are more products that can be produced from it than you can count.

According to Karan’s sources, there are nearly 2 billion items made from coconuts. 

However, for this dinner club meeting it was all about the cooking.

The group was treated to a coconut curry chicken soup, coconut fried shrimp and chicken, and coconut cream pie and coconut cake for dessert.

The tables were all decorated with coconut displays and other items to give it a real tropical flavor. 

For additional information on the Pecos County Dinner Tonight Cooking Club, visit the Pecos County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service website at or call (432) 336-2541.