County Government

Pecos County Appraisal District call special meeting Monday; addressing matters in lawsuit by Iraan-Sheffield ISD


The Pecos County Appraisal District called a special meeting for 11:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 8, 2018.

The meeting appears to be centered on the lawsuit filed by the Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District against Thomas Y. Pickett & Co., the company that provides the mineral, oil and gas valuations for properties in the county to PCAD.

The school district alleges that Pickett under-valued sites in the county, including Kinder Morgan's operation in Iraan. The values set are the amount used to apply tax rate percentages.

The related topics are under agenda Item No. 3 and includes: (a) "parties' pleadings regarding questions reltating to jurisdiction; deposition notices of Kinder Morgan representatives and Iraan-Sheffield ISD motion to compel; and Iraan-Sheffield ISD motion to show authority;" (b) "Taxing -unit challenge filed by Iraan-Sheffield Independent School Distirct in 2018 and subsequent filing of district-court appeal by Iraan-Sheffield ISD and responsive pleadings;" (c) "Discovery requests, discovery rulings, and pending discvoery matters made in connection with Cause No. DC-18-01622; Iraan-Sheffield ISD v. Thomas Y. Pickett & Co., Inc;" (d) Petitions for writ of mandamus in Case No. 05-18-00834-CV, In Re Kinder Morgan Production Company, LLC, In Re Thomas Y. Pickett & Co. Inc., and in Re Pecos County Appraisal District, filed response to petitions, replies and status; and;" (e) "Requests for information to the Pecos County Appraisal District by Iraan-Sheffield ISD or by counsel for Iraan-Sheffield ISD and Attorney General open-records rulings."

There is also a public comment item on the agenda.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.