PCMH sees all-female surgery team for first time in 50 years


A team at Pecos County Memorial Hospital recently did a surgery with only women on staff, something that hasn't been done in 50 years.

Dr. Rachelle Young, RN Ashley Chavez, CRNA Jodi Zuber, Dr. Jessica Orta, RN Eliza Martinez and scrub tech Kim LaDeth were responsible for their work on a repeat c-section.

Young said that mid surgery they looked up and realized it was all women.

“It was a complete accident,” she said.

The surgery went well and even the patient was excited to be a part of such a big accomplishment.

All of the crew and the patient signed a blanket that Young now has hung in her office.

“I just think it's very empowering,” said Young. “It shows talented, intelligent and strong women.”

Zuber said that the industry is typically male dominated, making it an even bigger deal.

“It's a big deal for science, math and engineering, it's hard to recruit girls,” she said.

The hospital was happy to celebrate the accidental event.

“It's motivating for little girls,” said Young. “Girls can be doctors too and in all facets of medicine.”