Panther mural progressing at Fort Stockton High School


The Eyeful Art team of Houston is currently working on a large-scale panther mural at the Fort Stockton High School. The large mural has been turning heads since work began on the school’s rooftop in full view of its students and staff.

“That structure at the high school has been an eyesore,” said Superintendent Ralph Traynham. “You can see it from Interstate 10 when coming into town, so we were looking to make it more of a showpiece for the district – something that would give the whole community a sense of pride.”

Traynham says the project was initially supposed to kick off in May, but the triple-digit heat and hot metal risked the paint drying before having the chance to flow out and wet the surface properly.

“Originally we were just trying to have it repainted,” he said. “It was ugly and rusty, but we couldn't get anyone to go up there and paint it a solid color. The second plan was to have it wrapped, but that didn’t work out either. My wife, Paula, is the one who ran into the Eyeful Art team during our administrator conference last February. I met with them and we discussed what I was looking for and they were interested. After that, I sent them some pictures of the site – I'm very confident that the completed artwork will capture our level of spirit here in Fort Stockton.”

Lead artist Sebastien “Mr.D1987” Boileau shed light on the three-sided mural and its progress.

“The community can expect in the coming weeks the completion of the mural, which is nearly 1,000 square-feet" said Boileau. “This will create an instant public art structure, celebrating the spirit of Fort Stockton and its high school. The artistic panthers wrapping around the entire structure will be seen from miles away. Because of the challenging surface (corrugated metal), everything spray painted will be clear coated.”

The artists will be contending with the winter conditions to finish by early spring at the latest. Unveiling events are still be determined.