Letter to the Editor

Opposes use of drinking water for fracking


Dear Editor:

I used to believe that the biggest threat to our water supply in Pecos County was the hare-brained idea to export water via an unbuilt pipeline to Midland-Odessa. However, after attending last week's meeting of the Pecos County Water District I learned of a more insidious and damaging threat that every citizen needs to become aware of.

While waiting for my item to come up on the agenda, I learned that two out-of-town companies have purchased land in Pecos County and are applying for permits to pump drinkable water from the Trinity Edwards aquifer to sell to fracking operations.

What this means is that all of the good water these entities pump will end up in a disposal well, because after water is used for fracking it can not be recycled into drinkable water.

One observer called this "slow suicide" and I agree, but most importantly, I, and most people are unaware this practice is going on.

The obvious solution is to have fracking operations drill deeper into the Rustler or Capitan Reef formations, which are undrinkable when pumped, or even use sewage water from the city of Fort Stockton.

No one wants to stop fracking operations, but destroying perfectly good water so it may never be used again for agriculture, or drinking water, is just insane, especially when there is already brackish water available. Even more concerning is that out-of-state buyers are purchasing small tracts of land here to drill multiple wells and draw our water from the Trinity Edwards aquifer. (If they destroy our drinking water, it won't affect them because they don't live here.)

If you are as concerned as I am please contact your local representative on the Pecos County Water District board, your county commissioners, and your city council person and ask for an end to the destruction of our good water.

You can live without oil, and you can live without the Internet, but you cannot live without water.

Think about that, then please take action.


Kirby F. Warnock

Fort Stockton